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    (cheaper, cheapest)
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    low price
  1. 1costing little money or less money than you expected synonym inexpensive cheap fares Personal computers are cheap and getting cheaper. Riding a bike is a cheap way to get around. A good education is not cheap. Calls cost 36 cents a minute, cheap rate. The printer isn't exactly cheap at $400. immigrant workers, used as a source of cheap labor (= workers who are paid very little, especially unfairly) see also dirt cheap opposite expensive
  2. 2charging low prices a cheap restaurant/hotel a cheap taxi firm opposite expensive Italy is a very cheap country to visit.
  3. poor quality
  4. 3(disapproving) low in price and quality cheap perfume/jewelry/shoes
  5. not generous
  6. 4(informal) (disapproving) not liking to spend money Don't be so cheap!
  7. unkind
  8. 5unpleasant or unkind and somewhat obvious I was tired of his cheap jokes at my expense. a comedian who is always looking for cheap laughs to score a cheap political advantage
  9. low status
  10. 6(disapproving) having a low status and therefore not deserving respect He's just a cheap crook. His treatment of her made her feel cheap (= ashamed, because she had lost her respect for herself).
    noun [uncountable]
  12. Thesauruscheapcompetitive budget affordable reasonable inexpensiveThese words all describe a product or service that costs little money or less money than you costing little money or less money than you expected; charging low prices. Cheap can also be used in a disapproving way to suggest that something is poor quality as well as low in price:a bottle of cheap perfume.competitive (of prices, goods, or services) as cheap as, or cheaper than, those offered by other companies; able to offer goods or services at competitive prices.budget [only before noun] (used especially in advertising) cheap because it offers only a basic level of service:a budget hotelaffordable cheap enough for most people to affordreasonable (of prices) not too expensiveinexpensive (somewhat formal) cheap Inexpensive is often used to mean that something is good value for its price. It is sometimes used instead of cheap, because cheap can suggest that something is poor quality.Patterns cheap/competitive/budget/affordable/reasonable prices/fares/rates cheap/competitive/budget/affordable/inexpensive products/services
    cheap at the price (also cheap at twice the price)
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    so good or useful that the cost does not seem too much To buy all the recommended equipment is expensive, but as an investment for the future it is cheap at the price.
    life is cheap (disapproving)
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    used to say that there is a situation in which it is not thought to be important if people somewhere die or are treated badly
    on the cheap
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    spending less money than you usually need to spend to do something a guide to decorating your house on the cheap to acquire valuable works of art on the cheap
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