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    (pl. children
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  1. 1a young human who is not yet an adult a three-year-old child men, women, and children an unborn child not suitable for young children I lived in Miami as a child. a child star see also brainchild, latchkey child, poster child, schoolchild
  2. 2a son or daughter of any age They have three grown-up children. a support group for adult children of alcoholics They can't have children. see also godchild, grandchild, love child, only child, stepchild compare kid
  3. 3a person who is strongly influenced by the ideas and attitudes of a particular time or person a child of the 90s
  4. 4(disapproving) an adult who behaves like a child and is not mature or responsible
  5. Idioms
    be child's play (informal)
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    to be very easy to do, so not even a child would find it difficult
    be with child (old-fashioned)
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    to be pregnant
Topic CollocationsChildrenhaving a baby/child want (to have) a baby/a child/children/kids start a family conceive/be expecting/be going to have a baby/child miss your period become/get/ be/find out that you are pregnant have a baby/a child/kids/a son/a daughter/twins/a family have a normal/a difficult/an unwanted pregnancy; an easy/a difficult birth/labor be in/go into/induce labor have/suffer/cause a miscarriage give birth to a child/a baby/a daughter/a son/twinsparenting bring up/raise a child/a family care for/watch a baby/child/kid change a diaper/a baby nurse/feed/breastfeed/bottle-feed a baby be entitled to/go on maternity/paternity leave go back/return to work after maternity leave need/find/get a babysitter/high-quality, affordable childcare/a nanny balance/combine work and childcare/child-rearing/family (life) educate/teach/home-school a child/a kid/children punish/discipline/spoil a child/a kid/children adopt/foster a baby/a child/a kid/children offer a baby for/put a baby up for adoption be placed with/be raised by foster parents
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