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chopping, chopped1 to cut something into pieces with a sharp tool such as a knife chop somethingHe was chopping logs for firewood.Add the finely chopped onions. chop something (up) (into something)Chop the carrots up into small pieces.(figurative)The country was chopped up into small administrative areas.2 [usually passive] chop something (from something) (to something) (informal) to reduce something by a large amount; to stop something synonym cutThe share price was chopped from 50 cents to 20 cents.3 chop someone/something to hit someone or something with a short downward stroke or blowPHRASAL VERBS

chop (away) at something

to aim blows at something with a heavy sharp tool such as an axchop atchop away at

chop somethingdown

to make something, such as a tree, fall by cutting it at the base with a sharp toolchop down

chop somethingoff (something)

to remove something by cutting it with a sharp toolHe chopped a branch off the tree.(informal)Anne Boleyn had her head chopped off.chop off
Usage noteUsage note: Cookingpreparingprepare a dish/a meal/a menu/dinner/the fishweigh out 4oz of sugar/the ingredientswash/rinse the lettuce/spinachchop/slice/dice the carrots/onions/potatoespeel the carrots/onion/potatoes/garlic/orangegrate a carrot/the cheese/some nutmegremove/discard the bones/seeds/skin/rind/peelblend/combine/mix (together) the flour and water/all the ingredientsbeat/whisk the cream/eggs/egg whitesknead/shape/roll (out) the doughcookingheat the oil in a frying panpreheat/heat the oven/the broilerbring to a boilstir constantly/gently with a wooden spoonreduce the heatsimmer gently for 20 minutes/until reduced by halfmelt the butter/chocolate/cheesedissolve the sugar in waterbrown the meat for 8-10 minutesdrain the pasta/the water from the pot/in a colander/in a strainermash the potatoes/banana/avocadoways of cookingcook food/fish/meat/rice/pasta/a Mexican dishbake (a loaf of) bread/a cake/a pie/potatoes/muffins/cookies/fishboil cabbage/potatoes/an egg/a hot dog/waterfry/deep-fry/stir-fry the chicken/vegetablesbroil meat/steak/chicken/sausagesroast potatoes/peppers/meat/chicken/beefsauté garlic/mushrooms/onions/potatoes/vegetablessteam rice/vegetables/spinach/asparagus/dumplingstoast bread/nutsmicrowave food/popcorn/a frozen dinner/a TV dinnerservingserve in a glass/on a bed of rice/with potatoesarrange the slices on a plate/in layerscarve the meat/chicken/turkeydress/toss a saladdress with/drizzle with olive oil/vinaigrettetop with a slice of lemon/a scoop of ice cream/whipped cream/syrupgarnish with a sprig of parsley/fresh basil leaves/lemon wedges/a slice of lime/a twist of orangesprinkle with salt/sugar/herbs/parsley/freshly ground black pepper