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  1. 1a task that you do regularly doing the household/domestic chores Thesaurustaskduties mission job choreThese are all words for a piece of work that someone has to do.task a piece of work that someone has to do, especially a difficult or unpleasant one:Our first task is to set up a communications system.duties tasks that are part of your job:Your duties include data entry and record keeping.mission an important official job that a person or group of people is given to do, especially when they are sent to another country:They went on a fact-finding mission to learn more about it.job a piece of work that someone has to do:I've got various jobs around the house.task or job?A task may be more difficult than a job and require you to think carefully about how you are going to do it. A job may be something small that is one of several things that you have to do, especially in the home; or a job can be something that takes a long time and is boring and/or needs a lot of patience.chore a task that you have to do regularly, especially one that you do in the home and find unpleasant or boring:household choresPatterns the task/mission/job/chore of (doing) something (a) daily/day-to-day task/duties/job/chore (a) routine task/duties/mission/job/chore a/an easy/difficult task/mission/job/chore (a) household/domestic task/duties/job/chore to do a task/a job/the chores to finish a task/a mission/a job/the chores to give somebody a task/their duties/a mission/a job/a chore
  2. 2an unpleasant or boring task Shopping is a real chore for me.
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