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  1. 1a completely round flat shape Cut out two circles of paper. see also semicircle
  2. 2the line that forms the edge of a circle Draw a circle. She walked the horse around in a circle. see also Antarctic Circle, Arctic Circle, turning circle
  3. 3a thing or a group of people or things shaped like a circle a circle of trees/chairs The children stood in a circle.
  4. 4an upper floor of a theater or movie theater where the seats are arranged in curved rows We had seats in the circle. see also dress circle compare balcony (2)
  5. 5a group of people who are connected because they have the same interests, jobs, etc. the family circle She's well known in theatrical circles. a large circle of friends see also charmed circle, inner circle, vicious circle
  6. Idioms
    come full circle
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    to return to the situation in which you started, after a series of events or experiences
    go around in circles
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    to work hard at something or discuss something without making any progress
    run around in circles (informal)
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    to be busy doing something without achieving anything important or making progress
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