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  1. 1a line, route, or trip around a place The race ended with eight laps of a downtown circuit. The earth takes a year to make a circuit of (= go around) the sun.
  2. 2the complete path of wires and equipment along which an electric current flows an electrical circuit a circuit diagram (= one showing all the connections in the different parts of the circuit ) see also integrated circuit, printed circuit, short circuit
  3. 3(in sports) a series of games or matches in which the same players regularly take part the women's tennis circuit
  4. 4a track for cars or motorcycles to race around
  5. 5a series of places or events of a particular kind at which the same people appear or take part the lecture/cabaret circuit see also closed-circuit television
  6. 6a regular trip made by a judge to hear court cases in each of the courts of law in a particular area a circuit court/judge
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