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saying something is true

1 [countable] claim (that…) a statement that something is true although it has not been proved and other people may not agree with or believe itThe singer has denied the magazine's claim that she is leaving the band.a report examining claims of corrupt links between politicians

legal right

2 [countable, uncountable] claim (on/to something) a right that someone believes they have to something, especially property, land, etc.They had no claim on the land.She has more claim to the book's success than anybody (= she deserves to be praised for it).

for money

3 [countable] claim (for something) a request for a sum of money that you believe you have a right to, especially from a company, the government, etc.You can make a claim on your insurance put in a claim for an allowancea claim for $2,000Make sure your claims for expenses are submitted by the end of the month.Complete a claim form (= an official document which you must use in order to request money from an organization).

claim to fame

(often humorous) one thing that makes a person or place important or interestingHis main claim to fame is that he went to school with the President.The town's only claim to fame is the castle.claim to fame

have a claim on someone

to have the right to demand time, attention, etc. from someone
You have no claim on me any more.have a claim on

lay claim to something

to state that you have a right to own something
He laid claim to the property.lay claim to

make no claim

used when you are saying that you cannot do something
I make no claim to understand modern art.make no claim
Usage noteUsage note: claimallegation assertionThese are all words for a statement that something is true, although it has not been proven.claim a statement that something is true, although it has not been provenallegation (somewhat formal) a public statement that has not been proven, that accuses someone of doing something that is wrong or illegalassertion (somewhat formal) a statement of something that you strongly believe to be true, although it has not been provenclaim or assertion?When the point in doubt is a matter of opinion, not fact, use assertion:She made sweeping claims about the role of women in society. When you are talking about a matter of fact, you can use either word; an assertion may be slightly stronger than a claim and it is a more formal word.patternsa(n) claim/allegation/assertion that…a(n) claim/allegation/assertion about/of somethingfalse/unfounded/conflicting claims/allegations/assertionsto make/deny a(n) claim/allegation/assertionto withdraw a(n) claim/allegation