Definition of clarity noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



1 the quality of being expressed clearlya lack of clarity in the lawThe brilliant clarity of his argument could not be disputed.2 the ability to think about or understand something clearlyclarity of thought/purpose/vision3 if a picture, substance, or sound has clarity, you can see or hear it very clearly, or see through it easilythe clarity of sound on a CD
Usage noteUsage note: clarifyclarify verbto make something clearer or easier to understanddefinitively, fully|greatly|furtherThe following sections of this paper will further clarify the methodology.aim to, attempt to, seek to|serve to|help toAdditional research in several areas may help to clarify some remaining questions.ambiguity|misconception|distinction|relationship|role|issue, matter|position, situation|meaningGarcia clarified the relationship that exists between language and culture.clarification nounfurtherFurther clarification of these relationships is required.need, require|seekThis analysis is confusing and needs further clarification.clarity nounlack|obscure|enhance, improve|bring, lend, offer, provide|achieve, gainKangle's translation is considered the most authentic, but lacks clarity in some instances.lack of ~One reason for the lack of clarity is that measurement varies greatly across studies.
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