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  1. 1clash (with somebody) clash (between A and B) a short fight between two groups of people Clashes broke out between police and demonstrators. Eight people were wounded in a clash with border guards. Thesaurusfightclash brawl struggle scuffleThese are all words for a situation in which people try to defeat each other using physical force.fight a situation in which two or more people try to defeat each other using physical force:He got into a fight with a man in the parking lot.clash (journalism) a short fight between two groups of people:Clashes broke out between police and demonstrators.brawl a noisy and violent fight involving a group of people, usually in a public place:a drunken brawl in a barstruggle a fight between two people or groups of people, especially when one of them is trying to escape, or to get something from the other:There were no signs of a struggle at the murder scene.scuffle a short and not very violent fight or struggle:He was involved in a scuffle with a photographer.Patterns a fight/clash/brawl/struggle/scuffle over something in a fight/brawl/struggle/scuffle a violent fight/clash/struggle to be in/get into/be involved in a fight/clash/brawl/scuffle a fight/clash/brawl/scuffle breaks out
  2. argument
  3. 2clash (with somebody) (over something) clash (between A and B) (over something) an argument between two people or groups of people who have different beliefs and ideas synonym conflict a clash between the two leaders over education policy
  4. difference
  5. 3the difference that exists between two things that are opposed to each other synonym conflict a clash of opinions/cultures a personality clash with the boss
  6. of colors
  7. 4the situation when two colors, designs, etc. look ugly when they are put together
  8. loud noise
  9. 5a loud noise made by two metal objects being hit together a clash of cymbals/swords
  10. in sports
  11. 6(used in newspapers, about sports) an occasion when two teams or players compete against each other the Steelers' clash with the Cardinals in the Super Bowl
  12. of two events
  13. 7a situation in which two events happen at the same time so that you cannot go to or see them both a clash in the schedule
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