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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they clear
    he / she / it clears
    past simple cleared
    -ing form clearing
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    remove something or someone
  1. 1[transitive] to remove something that is not wanted or needed from a place clear something I had cleared my desk before I left. It was several hours before the road was cleared after the accident. It's your turn to clear the table (= to take away the dirty plates, etc. after a meal). She cleared a space on the sofa for him to sit down. clear A (of B) I cleared my desk of papers. The streets had been cleared of snow. clear B (from/off A) Clear all those papers off the desk. The remains of the snow had been cleared from the streets. see also clear away
  2. 2[transitive] clear something to make people leave a place After the bomb warning, police cleared the streets.
  3. not be blocked
  4. 3[intransitive] to move freely again; to no longer be blocked The traffic took a long time to clear after the accident. The boy's lungs cleared and he began to breathe more easily.
  5. of sky/weather
  6. 4[intransitive] when the sky or the weather clears, it becomes brighter and free of cloud or rain The sky cleared after the storm. The rain is clearing slowly.
  7. of smoke, etc.
  8. 5[intransitive] clear (away) when smoke, fog, etc. clears, it disappears so that it is easier to see things The mist will clear by mid-morning. As the dust cleared, we saw that the whole ceiling had come down.
  9. of liquid
  10. 6[intransitive] when a liquid clears, it becomes transparent and you can see through it The muddy water slowly cleared.
  11. your head/mind
  12. 7[intransitive, transitive] if your head or mind clears, or you clear it, you become free of thoughts that worry or confuse you or the effects of alcohol, a blow, etc. and you are able to think clearly As her mind cleared, she remembered what had happened. clear something I went for a walk to clear my head.
  13. of face/expression
  14. 8[intransitive] if your face or expression clears, you stop looking angry or worried
  15. prove someone innocent
  16. 9[transitive] clear somebody (of something) to prove that someone is innocent She was cleared of all charges against her. Throughout his years in prison, he fought to clear his name.
  17. give official permission
  18. 10[transitive] to give or get official approval for something to be done clear something His appointment had been cleared by the board. clear something with somebody/something I'll have to clear it with the manager.
  19. 11[transitive] clear something to give official permission for a person, a ship, a plane, or goods to leave or enter a place The plane had been cleared for takeoff. to clear goods through customs
  20. 12[transitive] clear somebody to decide officially, after finding out information about someone, that they can be given special work or allowed to see secret papers She hasn't been cleared by security.
  21. money
  22. 13[intransitive, transitive] clear (something) if a check that you deposit to your bank account clears, or a bank clears it, the money is available for you to use Checks usually take three working days to clear.
  23. 14[transitive] clear something to gain or earn a sum of money as profit She cleared $1,000 on the deal.
  24. 15[transitive] clear something if you clear a debt or a loan, you pay all the money back
  25. get over/past
  26. 16[transitive] clear something to jump over or get past something without touching it The horse cleared the fence easily. The car only just cleared (= avoided hitting) the gatepost.
  27. in sports
  28. 17[transitive, intransitive] clear (something) (in soccer and some other sports) if you clear a ball, or a ball clears, it is kicked or hit away from the area near your own goal
  29. Word Familyclear adjective (unclear)clearly adverbclarity nounclarify verbclear adjective (unclear)clearly adverbclarity nounclarify verbIdioms
    blow/clear the cobwebs away
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    to help someone start something in a fresh, lively state of mind A brisk walk should blow the cobwebs away.
    clear the air
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    to improve a difficult or tense situation by talking about worries, doubts, etc.
    clear the decks (informal)
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    to prepare for an activity, event, etc. by removing anything that is not essential to it
    clear your throat
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    to cough so that you can speak clearly
    clear the way (for something/for something to happen)
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    to remove things that are stopping the progress or movement of something The ruling could clear the way for extradition proceedings.
    the coast is clear (informal)
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    there is no danger of being seen or caught As soon as the coast was clear, he climbed in through the window.
    Phrasal Verbsclear awayclear out (of…)clear outclear upclear upclear somethingup
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