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    (cleverer, cleverest)
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  1. 1 You can also use more clever and most clever. showing intelligence or skill, for example in the design of an object, in an idea, or someone's actions a clever little gadget What a clever idea! That (= what you just did) wasn't very clever, was it? (= it wasn't sensible) Admitting her mistake may have been quite a clever move on her part.
  2. 2 quick at learning and understanding things synonym intelligent She's a clever girl! How clever of you to work it out!
  3. 3 clever (at something) skillful She's clever at getting what she wants. He's clever with his hands.
adverb The bar's layout has been cleverly designed to give a feeling of space without losing a certain coziness.
noun [uncountable] Brain size and cleverness do not go together.
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