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  1. 1[not before noun] shut Keep the door closed.
  2. 2[not before noun] not open for business or public access The museum is closed on Mondays. This road is closed to traffic.
  3. 3not willing to accept outside influences or new ideas a closed society He has a closed mind.
  4. 4[usually before noun] limited to a particular group of people; not open to everyone a closed membership opposite open Which Word?close / shut You can close and shut doors, windows, your eyes, mouth, etc. Shut can suggest more noise and is often found in phrases such as slammed shut, banged shut, snapped shut. Shut is also usually used for containers such as boxes, suitcases, etc. To talk about the time when stores, offices, etc. are not open, use close:What time do the banks close? A strike has closed the factory.You can also use closed:The store is closed today. Closed is used in front of a noun, but shut is not:a closed window. We usually use closed about roads, airports, etc:The road is closed because of the snow. Close is also used in formal English to talk about ending a meeting or conversation:Let's close our discussion by reviewing the main points.
  5. Idioms
    behind closed doors
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    without the public being allowed to attend or know what is happening; in private The meeting was held behind closed doors.
    a closed book (to somebody)
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    a subject or person that you know nothing about Nuclear physics is a closed book to most of us.
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