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    for activity/sports
  1. 1[countable] (especially in compounds) a group of people who meet together regularly, for a particular activity, sports, etc. a golf/tennis, etc. club a chess/movie, etc. club to join/belong to a club The club has voted to admit new members. see also fan club, glee club, youth club
  2. 2[countable] the building or rooms that a particular club uses We had lunch at the golf club. the club bar see also country club, health club
  3. 3[countable] a professional sports organization that includes the players, managers, owners, and members The New York Yankees are a famous ball club.
  4. music/dancing
  5. 4[countable] a place where people, especially young people, go and listen to music, dance, etc. a jazz club the club scene in New Haven see also clubbing, nightclub, strip club
  6. social
  7. 5[countable] an organization and a place where people can meet together socially or stay He's a member of The University Club.
  8. selling books/CDs
  9. 6[countable] an organization that sells books, CDs, etc. cheaply to its members a music club see also book club
  10. weapon
  11. 7[countable] a heavy stick with one end thicker than the other, that is used as a weapon see also billy club
  12. in golf
  13. 8[countable] = golf club
  14. in card games
  15. 9clubs [plural] one of the four sets of cards (called) in a deck of cards. The clubs have a black design shaped like three black leaves on a short stem the five/queen/ace of clubs
  16. 10[countable] one card from the suit called clubs I played a club.
  17. Idioms
    join the club (informal)
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    used when something bad that has happened to someone else has also happened to you So you didn't get a job either? Join the club!
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