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come off

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1to be able to be removed Does this hood come off? That mark won't come off.
  2. 2(informal) to take place; to happen Did the trip to Las Vegas ever come off?
  3. 3(informal) (of a plan, etc.) to be successful; to have the intended effect or result They had wanted it to be a surprise but the plan didn't come off.
  4. 4come off well, badly, etc. (informal) to be successful/not successful in a fight, contest, etc. I thought they came off very well in the debate.

    come off (something)

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  1. 1to fall from something to come off your bicycle/horse
  2. 2to become separated from something When I tried to lift the jug, the handle came off in my hand. A button had come off my coat.

come off something

[no passive]
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to stop taking medicine, a drug, alcohol, etc. I've tried to get him to come off the tranquilizers.
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