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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they commend
    he / she / it commends
    past simple commended
    -ing form commending
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  1. 1commend somebody (for something/for doing something) commend somebody (on something/on doing something) to praise someone or something, especially publicly She was commended on her handling of the situation. His designs were highly commended by the judges (= they did not get a prize but they were especially praised).
  2. 2commend somebody/something (to somebody) (formal) to recommend someone or something to someone She is an excellent worker and I commend her to you without reservation. The movie has little to commend it (= it has few good qualities).
  3. 3commend itself to somebody (formal) if something commends itself to someone, they approve of it His outspoken behavior did not commend itself to his colleagues.
  4. 4commend somebody/something to somebody (formal) to give someone or something to someone in order to be taken care of We commend her soul to God.
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