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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they commit
    he / she / it commits
    past simple committed
    -ing form committing
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  1. 1[transitive] commit a crime, etc. to do something wrong or illegal to commit murder/adultery, etc. Most crimes are committed by young men. appalling crimes committed against innocent children
  2. suicide
  3. 2[transitive] commit suicide to kill yourself deliberately
  4. promise/say definitely
  5. 3[transitive, often passive] to promise sincerely that you will definitely do something, keep to an agreement or arrangement, etc. commit somebody/yourself (to something/to doing something) The President is committed to reforming health care. Borrowers should think carefully before committing themselves to taking out a loan. commit somebody/yourself to do something Both sides committed themselves to settle the dispute peacefully.
  6. 4[transitive] commit yourself (to something) to give an opinion or make a decision openly so that it is then difficult to change it You don't have to commit yourself now, just think about it. see also noncommittal
  7. be loyal
  8. 5[intransitive] commit (to somebody/something) to be completely loyal to one person, organization, etc. or give all your time and effort to your work, an activity, etc. Why are so many men scared to commit? (= say they will be loyal to one person) see also committed
  9. money/time
  10. 6[transitive] commit something to spend money or time on something or someone The mayor has committed large amounts of money to housing projects.
  11. to hospital/prison
  12. 7[transitive, often passive] commit somebody to something to order someone to be sent to a hospital, prison, etc. She was committed to a psychiatric hospital.
  13. something to memory
  14. 8[transitive] commit something to memory to learn something well enough to remember it exactly She committed the instructions to memory.
  15. something to paper/writing
  16. 9[transitive] commit something to paper/writing to write something down
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