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a person who communicates something to others an effective/skilled/successful communicator a poor communicator Thesaurusspeakercommunicator gossip talkerThese are all words for a person who talks or is talking, especially in a particular way.speaker a person who is or was speaking; a person who speaks a particular language:I looked around to see who the speaker was. a fluent speaker of Arabiccommunicator (somewhat formal) a person who is able to describe their ideas and feelings clearly to others:The ideal candidate will be an effective communicator.gossip (disapproving) a person who enjoys talking about other people's private lives:Myra is a sweet person, but she's also a terrible gossip.talker a person who talks a lot:He's not a talker. She's a big talker (= she talks a lot).speaker or talker?Talker is used when you are talking about how much someone talks. It is not used for the person who is or was talking:I looked round to see who the talker was.Patterns a good/great speaker/communicator an effective/excellent speaker/communicator
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