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  1. 1[usually before noun] used when you are emphasizing something, to mean “to the greatest degree possible” synonym total We were in complete agreement. a complete change in complete silence a complete stranger It came as a complete surprise. I felt like a complete idiot.
  2. 2including all the parts, etc. that are necessary; whole I've collected the complete set. a complete guide to events in Orlando the complete works of Tolstoy You will receive payment for each complete day that you work. opposite incomplete
  3. 3complete with something [not before noun] including something as an extra part or feature The furniture comes complete with tools and instructions for assembly. The book, complete with CD, costs $35.
  4. 4[not before noun] finished Work on the office building will be complete at the end of the year. opposite incomplete
  5. completeness
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    noun [uncountable] the accuracy and completeness of the information For the sake of completeness, all names are given in full.
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