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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they compromise
    he / she / it compromises
    past simple compromised
    -ing form compromising
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  1. 1[intransitive] to give up some of your demands after a disagreement with someone, in order to reach an agreement Neither side is prepared to compromise. compromise (with somebody) (on something) After much argument, the judges finally compromised on (= agreed to give the prize to) the 18-year-old pianist. They were unwilling to compromise with the terrorists.
  2. 2[transitive, intransitive] to do something that is against your principles or does not reach standards that you have set compromise something I refuse to compromise my principles. compromise (on something) We are not prepared to compromise on safety standards.
  3. 3[transitive] compromise somebody/something/yourself to bring someone or something/yourself into danger or under suspicion, especially by acting in a way that is not very sensible She had already compromised herself by accepting his invitation. Defeat at this stage would compromise their chances (= reduce their chances) of reaching the finals of the competition.
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