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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they concern
    he / she / it concerns
    past simple concerned
    -ing form concerning
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  1. 1[often passive] concern somebody to affect someone; to involve someone Don't interfere in what doesn't concern you. The loss was a tragedy for all concerned (= all those affected by it). Where our children's education is concerned, no compromise is acceptable. The individuals concerned have some explaining to do. To whom it may concern:(= used, for example, at the beginning of a public notice or of a job reference about someone's character and ability) Everyone who was directly concerned in (= had some responsibility for) the incident has now resigned. Please pay attention because this information concerns all of you.
  2. be about
  3. 2concern something be concerned with something to be about something The story concerns the prince's efforts to rescue Pamina. The book is primarily concerned with Soviet-American relations during the Cold War. This chapter concerns itself with the historical background. One major difference between these computers concerns the way in which they store information.
  4. worry someone
  5. 3to worry someone concern somebody What concerns me is our lack of preparation for the change. concern somebody that… It concerns me that you no longer seem to care. see also concerned
  6. take an interest
  7. 4concern yourself with/about something to take an interest in something He didn't concern himself with the details.
  8. consider important
  9. 5be concerned to do something (formal) to think it is important to do something She was concerned to write about situations that everyone could identify with.
  10. Idioms
    as/so far as I am/I'm concerned
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    used to give your personal opinion on something As far as I'm concerned, you can do whatever you want.
    as/so far as somebody/something is concerned, as/so far as somebody/something goes
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     used to give facts or an opinion about a particular aspect of something She's doing fine as far as French is concerned, it's her German I'm worried about.
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