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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they confront
    he / she / it confronts
    past simple confronted
    -ing form confronting
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  1. 1confront somebody/something (of problems or a difficult situation) to appear and need to be dealt with by someone the economic problems confronting the country The government found itself confronted by massive opposition.
  2. 2confront something to deal with a problem or difficult situation synonym face up to She knew that she had to confront her fears.
  3. 3confront somebody to face someone so that they cannot avoid seeing and hearing you, especially in an unfriendly or dangerous situation This was the first time he had confronted an armed robber. Confronted by an angry crowd, the police retreated.
  4. 4confront somebody with somebody/something to make someone face or deal with an unpleasant or difficult person or situation He confronted her with a choice between her career or their relationship.
  5. 5be confronted with something to have something in front of you that you have to deal with or react to When confronted with a bear, stop and stay calm.
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