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  1. 1contents [plural] the things that are contained in something He tipped the contents of the bag onto the table. Fire has caused severe damage to the contents of the building. She hadn't read the letter and so was unaware of its contents.
  2. 2contents [plural] the different sections that are contained in a book a table of contents (= the list at the front of a book) a contents page
  3. 3[singular] the subject matter of a book, speech, program, etc. Your tone of voice is as important as the content of what you have to say. The content of the course depends on what the students would like to study. Her poetry has a good deal of political content.
  4. 4[singular] (following a noun) the amount of a substance that is contained in something else food with a high fat content the alcohol content of a drink
  5. 5[uncountable] (computing) the information or other material contained on a Web site or CD-ROM online content providers
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