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1 [transitive, intransitive] to give something, especially money or goods, to help someone or something contribute something (to/toward something)We contributed $5,000 to the earthquake fund. contribute (to/toward something)Would you like to contribute to our cause?Do you want to contribute?2 [intransitive] contribute (to something) to be one of the causes of somethingMedical negligence could have contributed to her death.3 [intransitive, transitive] to increase, improve, or add to something contribute to somethingImmigrants have contributed to American culture in many ways. contribute something to somethingThis book does not contribute much to our understanding of the subject.4 [transitive, intransitive] to write things for a newspaper, magazine, or a radio or television program; to speak during a meeting or conversation, especially to give your opinion contribute something (to something)She contributed a number of articles to the magazine. contribute (to something)He contributes regularly to the magazine “New Scientist.”We hope everyone will contribute to the discussion. contributing adjectiveHuman error may have been a contributing factor
Usage noteUsage note: causeX causes YChildhood obesity can cause/lead to long-term health problems.Changes in lifestyle and diet over the last twenty years have caused/led to/resulted in a sharp increase in childhood obesity.Several factors, including changes in diet and lifestyle, have contributed to the increase in childhood obesity.Research suggests that fast food and soft drinks directly contribute to childhood obesity.Genetics, lifestyle, and diet are all important factors in cases of childhood obesity.Even small changes in lifestyle and diet can bring about significant weight loss.⇨ Language Banks at because of, consequently, thereforeUsage noteUsage note: contributecontribute verbto give a part of the total, together with othersfinancially|greatly, significantly, substantially|positively|equallyMoreover, graduates can use their knowledge and skills in ways that contribute positively to their help to produce something; to play a part in somethinggreatly, significantly, substantially|importantly|positively, |disproportionately|directly, indirectlyRelatively small areas of the city contribute disproportionately to the violent crime rate.(most) likely, undoubtedly|significantlyCoral reefs in the oceans significantly contribute to the removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide.contributing adjectivefactorThe authors suggest that low proficiency in academic language is a contributing factor to academic failure.contribution nounimportant, significant|major, substantial|valuable|outstanding, seminal, unique|relativeIrving Fisher made seminal contributions to modern financial economics.