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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they control
    he / she / it controls
    past simple controlled
    -ing form controlling
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    have power
  1. 1control somebody/something to have power over a person, company, country, etc., so that you are able to decide what they must do or how it is run By the age of 21 he controlled the company. The whole territory is now controlled by the army. Can't you control your children? a multi-national company based in Mexico but controlled from the U.S.
  2. limit/manage
  3. 2to limit something or make it happen in a particular way control something government attempts to control immigration Many biological processes are controlled by hormones. Try to control your breathing. control what/how, etc… Parents should control what their kids watch on television.
  4. 3control something to stop something from spreading or getting worse Firefighters are still trying to control the blaze. She was given drugs to control the pain.
  5. machine
  6. 4control something to make something, such as a machine or system, work in the way that you want it to This knob controls the volume. The traffic lights are controlled by a central computer.
  7. stay calm
  8. 5to manage to make yourself remain calm, even though you are upset or angry control yourself I was so furious I couldn't control myself and I hit him. control something He was finding it difficult to control his feelings.
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