Definition of cop verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


copping, copped cop something (informal) to receive or suffer something unpleasantHe copped all the hassle after the accident.IDIOMS

cop an attitude

(informal) to show that you feel you are better or more important than someone else, especially by behaving rudelyJoe always seemed to cop an attitude when he was called on in class.cop an attitude

cop a feel

(informal) to touch someone in a sexual way, especially without their permissioncop a feel

cop a plea

(informal) to admit in court to being guilty of a small crime in the hope of receiving less severe punishment for a more serious crime compare plea bargainingcop a plea

cop out (of something)

(informal) to avoid or stop doing something that you should do because you are afraid, lazy, etc.You're not going to cop out at the last minute, are you? related noun cop-outcop outcop out of

cop to something

(informal) to admit to somethingHe copped to skipping school, but said he hadn’t been anywhere near the scene of the crime.cop to