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    (crazier, craziest) (informal)
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  1. 1not sensible; stupid Are you crazy? We could get killed doing that. She must be crazy to lend him money. He drove like an idiot, passing in the craziest places. What a crazy idea! I know it sounds crazy but it just might work.
  2. 2very angry That noise is driving me crazy. Marie says he went crazy, and smashed the room up.
  3. 3crazy (about something) (often in compounds) very enthusiastic or excited about something Rick is crazy about football. He's football-crazy. I'm not crazy about Chinese food (= I don't like it very much). The crowd went crazy when the band came on stage. You're so beautiful you're driving me crazy. synonyms at like
  4. 4crazy about somebody liking someone very much; in love with someone I've been crazy about him since the first time I saw him.
  5. 5mentally ill; insane She's crazy—she ought to be locked up.
  6. NAmE//ˈkreɪzəli//
  7. Thesauruslikelove be fond of something be crazy about something adoreThese words all mean to find something pleasant, attractive, or satisfactory, or to enjoy to find something pleasant, attractive, or satisfactory; to enjoy something:Do you like their new house? I like to see them enjoying to like or enjoy something very much:He loved the way she fond of something (somewhat formal) to like or enjoy something, especially something you have liked or enjoyed for a long time:We were fond of the house and didn't want to crazy about something (informal) to be very enthusiastic or excited about something:Rick is crazy about football. She's not crazy about being told what to do.adore (informal) to like or enjoy something very much:He adores working with or adore?Adore is more informal than love, and is used to express a stronger feeling.Patterns to like/love/be fond of/be crazy about/adore doing something to like/love to do something to like/love something very much I like/love/adore >it>here/there/when… to like/love/adore the way somebody does something to really like/love/adore somebody/something to be really fond of/crazy about something Thesauruscrazyinsane nuts bananas out of your mind (not) in your right mindThese are all informal words that describe someone who has a mind that does not work normally. Nearly all of the words in this set are offensive if used to describe someone suffering from a real mental illness; use mentally ill instead.crazy (informal) used to describe someone whose mind does not work normally or whose behavior is very strange or out of control:Have you met the crazy old lady upstairs?insane (informal) having a mind that does not work normally:If I have to stay any longer, I'll go insane. Insane is also used as a legal term for someone who is not responsible for a crime they have committed because they were not able to know right from wrong at the time.nuts [not before noun] (very informal) crazy:He's driving me nuts!bananas (very informal) crazy:You guys are bananas!out of your mind (informal) unable to think or behave normally, especially because of extreme shock or anxiety:She was out of her mind just before the exam.(not) in your right mind (informal) (not) mentally normal:No one in their right mind would want to work there.Patterns to be crazy/insane/nuts/bananas/out of your mind/not in your right mind to do something to go crazy/insane/nuts/bananas/out of your mind to drive somebody crazy/insane/nuts/bananas/out of their mind completely/absolutely crazy/insane/nuts/bananas/out of your mind
    noun [uncountable]
  9. Idioms
    like crazy/mad (informal)
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    very fast, hard, much, etc. We worked like crazy to get it done on time.
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