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  1. 1[uncountable] the act or process of making something that is new, or of causing something to exist that did not exist before the process of database creation wealth creation He had been with the company since its creation in 1989. The committee proposed the creation of a new Chair of Portuguese for the university. see also job creation AWL Collocationscreatecreate verban/the ability toE-commerce advocates were overly optimistic about the ability of new technology to create more efficient markets.attempt to, strive to, try to be able to combine toThrough her analysis, Vickery attempts to create an understanding of the 18th century home.job atmosphere, environment opportunity illusion, image, impression sense condition problemFirms have to create an atmosphere of trust in order to produce effectively.newly artificiallyHoffman Island and Swinburne Island are two artificially created islands in New York harbor.creation nounwealth jobCreativity, knowledge, and agility are the catalysts of wealth creation. The study found that only a small proportion of firms are able to expand sufficiently to provide job creation.spur oversee facilitate fosterWithin three years, however, Truman had overseen the creation of a central intelligence service. The evolution of communication technology has facilitated the creation of a global society.creative adjectivegenuinely, truly highlyResearch suggests that highly creative boys are more communicative than their peers.thinking genius process solution peopleMelville had a singular admiration for Milton as a poet and creative genius.creativity nounartistic, intellectual, musical humanResearchers have unearthed engravings created more than 70,000 years ago, which are the earliest evidence of human creativity.stifle nurture fosterThe most effective way to stifle creativity is to make people feel that they have no discretion and autonomy. The organization design of the corporation has to remain flexible to foster creativity.
  2. 2[countable] (often humorous) a thing that someone has made, especially something that shows ability or imagination a literary creation The dessert was a delicious creation of sponge cake, cream and fruit. The bright murals in the children's ward were the creations of the nurses. What an amazing creation (= a very unusual and new piece of clothing) you're wearing!
  3. 3the Creation [singular] the making of the world, especially by God as described in the Bible
  4. 4Creation [uncountable] the world and all the living things in it
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