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  1. 1a line or surface that bends gradually; a smooth bend the delicate curve of her ear a pattern of straight lines and curves a curve in the road The driver lost control on a curve and the vehicle hit a tree. to plot a curve on a graph (technology) the unemployment-income curve (= a line on a graph showing the relationship between the number of unemployed people and national income) see also learning curve
  2. 2(also curve ball) (in baseball) a ball that moves in a curve when it is thrown to the batter (figurative) One of the journalists threw the senator a curve (= surprised him by asking a difficult question).
  3. Idioms
    ahead of/behind the curve (business)
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    in advance of or behind a particular trend Our expert advice will help you stay ahead of the curve. We've fallen behind the curve when it comes to developing new digital products.
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