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dealt, dealt


1 [intransitive, transitive] to give cards to each player in a game of cardsWhose turn is it to deal? deal (something) (out) (to someone)Start by dealing out ten cards to each player. deal someone somethingHe dealt me two aces.


2 [intransitive, transitive] deal (something) to buy and sell illegal drugsYou can often see people dealing openly on the streets.

deal someone/something a blow


deal a blow to someone/something

(formal)1 to be very shocking or harmful to someone or somethingHer sudden death dealt a blow to the whole country.2 to hit someone or somethingdeal a blow

wheel and deal

(usually used in the progressive tenses) to do a lot of complicated deals in business or politics, often in a dishonest waywheel and deal

deal in something

1 to buy and sell a particular product synonym trade inThe company deals in computer software.2 to accept something as a basis for your decisions, attitudes, or actionsWe don't deal in rumors or in

deal someone in

(informal) to include someone in an activityThat sounds great. Deal me in!deal in

deal somethingout

1 to share something out among a group of people synonym distributeThe profits were dealt out among the investors.2 to say what punishment someone should haveMany judges deal out harsher sentences to men than to out

deal with someone

to take appropriate action in a particular situation or according to the person you are talking to, managing, etc. synonym handleShe is used to dealing with all kinds of people in her with

deal with someone/something

to do business with a person, a company, or an organizationdeal with

deal with something

1 to solve a problem, perform a task, deal with inquiries/issues/complaintsHave you dealt with these letters yet?He's good at dealing with pressure.2 to be about somethingHer poems often deal with the subject of with
Usage noteUsage note: aboutsaying what a text is aboutThe book is about homeless people in the cities.The report deals with the issue of homelessness in urban areas.The writer discusses the problems faced by homeless people.The article presents an overview of the issues surrounding homelessness.The novel explores the theme of friendship among homeless people.The first chapter examines the relationship between homelessness and drug addiction.The paper considers the question of why so many young people become homeless.