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  1. 1of a good enough standard or quality (informal) a decent meal/job/place to live I need a decent night's sleep. The movie was actually halfway decent (= better than we expected it would be).
  2. 2(of people or behavior) honest and fair; treating people with respect ordinary, decent, hard-working people Everyone said he was a pretty decent guy.
  3. 3acceptable to people in a particular situation a decent burial That dress isn't decent. She should have waited for a decent amount of time before getting married again.
  4. 4(informal) wearing enough clothes to allow someone to see you I can't go to the door—I'm not decent. compare indecent
  5. Idioms
    do the decent thing
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    to do what people or society expect, especially in a difficult situation He did the decent thing and resigned.
adverb I escaped from the party as soon as was decently possible. You need to be decently dressed to go for an interview.
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