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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they dedicate
    he / she / it dedicates
    past simple dedicated
    -ing form dedicating
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  1. 1to give a lot of your time and effort to a particular activity or purpose because you think it is important synonym devote dedicate yourself/something to something She dedicates herself to her work. dedicate yourself/something to doing something He dedicated his life to helping the poor.
  2. 2dedicate something to somebody to say at the beginning of a book, a piece of music, or a performance that you are doing it for someone, as a way of thanking them or showing respect This book is dedicated to my parents.
  3. 3to hold an official ceremony to say that a building or an object has a special purpose or is special to the memory of a particular person dedicate something The chapel was dedicated in 1880. dedicate something to somebody/something A memorial stone was dedicated to those who were killed in the war.
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