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  1. 1very; very much She is deeply religious. They were deeply disturbed by the accident. Opinion is deeply divided on this issue. deeply rooted customs/ideas deeply held beliefs/convictions/views (= that someone feels very strongly)
  2. 2used with some verbs to show that something is done in a very complete way to breathe/sigh/exhale deeply (= using all of the air in your lungs) sleep deeply (= in a way that makes it difficult for you to wake up) to think deeply (= about all the aspects of something)
  3. 3to a depth that is quite a long way from the surface of something to drill deeply into the wood Which Word?deep / deeply The adverbs deep and deeply can both mean “a long way down or into something.”Deep can mean only this and is more common than deeply in this sense. It is usually followed by a word like into or below:We decided to go deeper into the jungle. Deeply usually means “very much”:deeply in love deeply hurt.You can use deep down (but not deeply) to talk about a person’s real nature:She can seem stern, but deep down she’s a very kind person. She can seem stern, but deeply she’s a very kind person.
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