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  1. 1definite (that…) sure or certain; unlikely to change Can you give me a definite answer by tomorrow? Is it definite that he's leaving? I heard rumors, but nothing definite. a definite offer of a job That's definite then? They have very definite ideas on how to bring up children. Thesauruscertainbound sure definite guaranteedThese are all words describing something that will definitely happen or is definitely true.certain that you can rely on to happen or be true:It's certain that they will agree. They are certain to agree.bound [not before noun] certain to happen, or to do or be something. Bound is used only in the phrase bound to do/be, etc.:There are bound to be changes when the new system is introduced. You've done so much work—you're bound to pass the exam.sure certain to happen or be true; that can be trusted or relied on:She's sure to be picked for the team. It's sure to rain. Don't worry—it's a sure thing.definite certain to happen; that is not going to change:Our plans are not definite yet.guaranteed certain to have a particular result:That method is guaranteed to take much longer.Patterns certain/sure of something certain/bound/sure/guaranteed to do something certain/definite that… I couldn't say for certain/sure.
  2. 2easily or clearly seen or understood; obvious synonym clear The look on her face was a definite sign that something was wrong. There was a definite feeling that things were getting worse.
  3. 3[not before noun] definite (about something) definite (that…) (of a person) sure that something is true or that something is going to happen and stating it to other people I'm definite about this.
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