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Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they depend
he / she / it depends
past simple depended
-ing form depending
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depending on/upon
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according to Starting salary varies from $26,000 to $30,500, depending on experience. He either resigned or was fired, depending on whom you talk to.
that depends, it (all) depends
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 used to say that you are not certain about something because other things have to be considered “Is he coming?” “That depends. He may not have the time.” I don't know if we can help—it all depends. I might not go. It depends how tired I am. “Your job sounds fun.” ” It depends what you mean by ‘fun.’” I shouldn't be too late. But it depends if the traffic's bad.
Phrasal Verbsdepend on/upon somebody/somethingdepend on/upon somebody/something (for something)depend on/upon something
Grammardepend on somethingIn informal English, it is fairly common to say depend rather than depend on before words like what, how, or whether:It depends what you mean by “hostile.”In formal written English, depend should always be followed by on or upon:It depends on how you define the term “hostile.”Upon is more formal and less frequent than on.
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