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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they deposit
    he / she / it deposits
    past simple deposited
    -ing form depositing
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    put down
  1. 1deposit somebody/something + adv./prep. to put or lay someone or something down in a particular place She deposited a pile of books on my desk. (informal) I was whisked off in a taxi and deposited outside the hotel.
  2. leave substance
  3. 2deposit something (especially of a river or a liquid) to leave a layer of something on the surface of something, especially gradually and over a period of time Sand was deposited, which hardened into sandstone.
  4. money
  5. 3deposit something to put money into a bank account Millions were deposited in Swiss bank accounts.
  6. 4deposit something to pay a sum of money as the first part of a larger payment; to pay a sum of money that you will get back if you return in good condition something that you have rented
  7. put in safe place
  8. 5deposit something (in something) deposit something (with somebody/something) to put something valuable or important in a place where it will be safe Guests may deposit their valuables in the hotel safe.
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