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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they discuss
    he / she / it discusses
    past simple discussed
    -ing form discussing
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  1. 1to talk about something with someone, especially in order to decide something discuss something with somebody Have you discussed the problem with anyone? discuss something I'm not prepared to discuss this on the phone. They met to discuss the possibility of working together. discuss when, what, etc… We need to discuss when we should go. discuss (somebody/something) doing something We briefly discussed buying a second car. You cannot say “discuss about something”:I discussed about my problem with my parents.Look also at discussion. Thesaurustalkdiscuss speak communicate debate consultThese words all mean to share news, information, ideas, or feelings with another person or other people, especially by talking with to speak in order to give information, express feelings, or share ideas:We talked on the phone for over an hour.discuss (somewhat formal) to talk and share ideas on a subject or problem with other people, especially in order to decide something:Have you discussed the problem with anyone? You cannot say “discuss about something”:I'm not prepared to discuss about this on the phone.speak to talk to someone about something; to have a conversation with someone:I've spoken to the manager about it. “Can I speak with Susan?” “Speaking.” (= at the beginning of a telephone conversation)talk or speak?Speak can suggest a more formal level of communication than talk. You speak to or with someone about something to try to achieve a particular goal or to tell them to do something. You talk to or with someone in order to be friendly or to ask their advice:Have you talked to your parents about the problems you're having? I've spoken to Ed about it and he's promised not to let it happen again.communicate (somewhat formal) to exchange information or ideas with someone:We only communicate by e-mail. Dolphins use sound to communicate with each other. Communicate is often used when the speaker wants to draw attention to the means of communication used.debate to discuss something, especially formally, before making a decision or finding a solution:Politicians will be debating the bill later this week.consult (somewhat formal) to discuss something with someone in order to get their permission for something, or to help you make a decision:You shouldn't have changed your plans without consulting me.Patterns to talk/discuss something/speak/communicate/debate/consult with somebody to talk/speak to somebody to talk to somebody/speak to somebody/consult somebody about something
  2. 2discuss something discuss what, how, etc… to write or talk about something in detail, showing the different ideas and opinions about it This topic will be discussed at greater length in the next chapter. Thesaurusexamineconsider look at something analyze review study discussThese words all mean to think about, study, or describe someone or something carefully, especially in order to understand them, form an opinion of them, or make a decision about them.examine to think about, study, or describe an idea, subject, or piece of work very carefully:These ideas will be examined in more detail in Chapter 10.consider to think carefully about something, especially in order to make a decision:She carefully considered her options.look at something (somewhat informal) to consider, think about, or study something, especially in order to learn something useful or important:I'm going to look at the budget estimates on the weekend.analyze to examine the nature or structure of something, especially by separating it into its parts, in order to understand or explain it:The job involves gathering and analyzing data. He tried to analyze his to examine something again, especially so that you can decide whether any changes need to be made:The government will review the situation later in the to examine someone or something in order to understand them or it:We will study the report carefully before making a decision.examine or study?You examine something in order to understand it or to help other people understand it, for example by describing it in a book; you study something in order to understand it yourself.discuss to write or talk about something in detail, showing the different ideas and opinions about it:This topic will be discussed at greater length in the next chapter.Patterns to examine/consider/look at/analyze/review/study/discuss what/how/whether… to examine/consider/look at/analyze/review/study/discuss the situation/evidence/implications to examine/consider/look at/analyze/review/study/discuss something carefully/critically/systematically/briefly Language Bankaboutsaying what a text is about The book is about homeless people in the cities. The report deals with the issue of homelessness in urban areas. The writer discusses the problems faced by homeless people. The article presents an overview of the issues surrounding homelessness. The novel explores the theme of friendship among homeless people. The first chapter examines the relationship between homelessness and drug addiction. The paper considers the question of why so many young people become homeless.
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