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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they disentangle
    he / she / it disentangles
    past simple disentangled
    -ing form disentangling
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  1. 1disentangle something (from something) to separate different arguments, ideas, etc. that have become confused It's not easy to disentangle the truth from the official statistics. It is important to disentangle all the factors that may be causing your stress.
  2. 2disentangle something/somebody (from something) to free someone or something from something that has become wrapped or twisted around it or them He tried to disentangle his fingers from her hair. (figurative) She has just disentangled herself from a painful relationship.
  3. 3disentangle something to get rid of the twists and knots in something He was sitting on the deck disentangling a coil of rope. compare entangle
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