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     auxiliary verb
    auxiliary verb
    , NAmE////
    , NAmE//du//
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  1. 1used before a full verb to form negative sentences and questions I don't like fish. They didn't go to Paris. Don't forget to write. Does she speak French?
  2. 2used to make question tags (= short questions at the end of statements) You live in New York, don't you? She doesn't work here, does she?
  3. 3used to avoid repeating a full verb He plays better than he did a year ago. She works harder than he does. “Who won?” “I did.” “I love peaches.” “So do I.” “I don't want to go back.” “Neither do I.”
  4. 4used when no other auxiliary verb is present, to emphasize what you are saying He does look tired. She did at least write to say thank you. Do shut up!
  5. 5used to change the order of the subject and verb when an adverb is moved to the front Not only does she speak Spanish, she's also good with computers.
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