Definition of dog noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



/dɔɡ; dɑɡ/
1 [countable] an animal with four legs and a tail, often kept as a pet or trained for work, for example hunting or guarding buildings. There are many types of dogs, some of which are wildI took the dog for a walk.I could hear a dog foodguard dogsa dog and her puppies see also guide dog, gun dog, hearing dog, lapdog, prairie dog, sheepdog2 [countable] a male dog, fox or wolf compare bitch3 [countable] (informal) a thing of low quality; a failureHer last movie was an absolute dog.4 [countable] (informal) an offensive way of describing a woman who is not considered attractive5 [countable] (informal, disapproving) used, especially after an adjective, to describe a man who has done something badYou dirty dog! see also hot dog, shaggy-dog story, top dog, watchdogIDIOMS

be raining cats and dogs

(informal) to be raining heavilybe raining cats and dogs

a dog and pony show

(informal, disapproving) an event that is planned only in order to impress people so that they will support or buy somethingthe dog and pony show of his visits to the war zonea dog and pony show to sell the idea to investorsa dog and pony show

(a case of) dog eat dog

a situation in business, politics, etc. where there is a lot of competition and people are willing to harm each other in order to succeed
I'm afraid in this line of work it's a case of dog eat dog.We're operating in a dog-eat-dog eat doga case of dog eat dog

a dog in the manger

a person who stops other people from enjoying what he or she cannot use or does not want
a dog in the manger

a dog's life

an unhappy life, full of problems or unfair treatment
He led poor Amy a dog's life. She was desperately lonely, poor dear.a dog's life

every dog has his/its day

(saying) everyone has good luck or success at some point in their lifeevery dog has his dayevery dog has its day

go to the dogs

(informal) to get into a very bad stateThis company's gone to the dogs since the new management took over.go to the dogs

the hair of the dog (that bit you)

(informal) alcohol that you drink in order to make you feel better when you have drunk too much alcohol the night beforethe hair of the dogthe hair of the dog that bit you

let sleeping dogs lie

(saying) to avoid mentioning a subject or something that happened in the past, in order to avoid any problems or argumentslet sleeping dogs lie

(as) sick as a dog

(informal) feeling very sick; vomit a lotsick as a dogas sick as a dog

(you can't) teach an old dog new tricks

(saying) (you cannot) successfully make people change their ideas, methods of work, etc., when they have had them for a long timeteach an old dog new tricksyou can't teach an old dog new tricks