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  1. 1finished; completed When you're done, perhaps I can say something. done with I'll be glad when this job is over and done with. be done with something If you're done with that magazine, can I have a look at it?
  2. 2(of food) cooked enough The meat isn't quite done yet.
  3. 3socially acceptable, especially among people who have a strict set of social rules At school, it simply wasn't done to show interest in anything but sports.
  4. Idioms
    be done for (informal)
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    to be in a very bad situation; to be certain to fail Unless we start making some sales, we're done for. When he pointed the gun at me, I thought I was done for (= about to die).
    be done in (informal)
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    to be extremely tired synonym exhausted
    be done with it
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    to do something unpleasant as quickly as possible, so that it is finished Why not tell her you're quitting and be done with it?
    be easier said than done (saying)
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    to be much more difficult to do than to talk about “Why don't you get yourself a job?” “That's easier said than done.”
    a done deal
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    an agreement or a plan that has been finally completed or agreed The merger is by no means a done deal yet.
    no sooner said than done
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    used to say that something was, or will be, done immediately
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