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    (dreamier, dreamiest)
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  1. 1looking as though you are thinking about other things and not paying attention to what is happening around you She had a dreamy look in her eyes. a dreamy expression
  2. 2(of a person or an idea) having a lot of imagination, but not very realistic Paul was dreamy and not very practical.
  3. 3as if you are in a dream or asleep He moved in the dreamy way of a man in a state of shock.
  4. 4(informal) pleasant and gentle; that makes you feel relaxed a slow, dreamy melody
  5. 5(informal) beautiful; wonderful What's he like? I bet he's really dreamy.
adverb “I have lots of happy memories,” she said dreamily. He gazed dreamily out of the window.
noun [uncountable] She was feeling the same romantic dreaminess she had felt as a young girl.
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