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    of liquid
  1. 1[countable] a very small amount of liquid that forms a round shape drops of rain a drop of blood Mix a few drops of milk into the cake mixture. see also raindrop, teardrop
  2. 2[countable, usually singular] a small quantity of a liquid Could I have just a drop more milk in my coffee, please? Would you like a drop of brandy? I haven't touched a drop (= drunk any alcohol) all evening. He drained the last drop of beer from the glass.
  3. fall
  4. 3[countable, usually singular] drop (in something) a fall or reduction in the amount, level, or number of something a drop in prices/temperature, etc. a dramatic/sharp drop in profits If you want the job, you must be prepared to take a drop in salary. There was a substantial drop in the number of people out of work last month. a five-percent drop Language Bankfalldescribing a decrease Car crime in Greenville fell significantly last year. Car crime fell by about a quarter over a 12-month period. The number of stolen vehicles dropped from 1,013 to 780, a fall of 26 percent. According to these data, 780 vehicles were stolen, down 26% from the previous year. The city saw an 11%drop in reported thefts from motor vehicles from 1,871 to 1,737. These figures show that, as far as car crime is concerned, the main trend is downward.
  5. distance
  6. 4[singular] a distance down from a high point to a lower point There was a sheer drop of fifty yards to the rocks below. a twenty-foot drop
  7. medicine
  8. 5drops [plural] a liquid medicine that you put one drop at a time into your eyes, ears, or nose eye drops Use the drops three times a day.
  9. delivering
  10. 6[countable] the act of delivering someone or something in a vehicle or by plane; the act of dropping something Aid agencies are organizing food drops to civilians in the war zone. a parachute drop
  11. candy
  12. 7[countable] a small round candy of the type mentioned fruit drops cough drops (= candy to help a cough)
  13. Idioms
    at the drop of a hat
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    immediately; without hesitating The company can't expect me to move my home and family at the drop of a hat.
    a drop in the bucket
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    an amount of something that is too small or unimportant to make any real difference to a situation The amount of money raised was a drop in the bucket compared to what we needed.
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