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    caused by
  1. 1[not before noun] due to something/somebody caused by someone or something; because of someone or something The team's success was largely due to her efforts. Most of the problems were due to human error. The project had to be abandoned due to a lack of government funding. Due to staff shortages, we are unable to offer a full buffet service on this train. Language Bankbecause ofexplaining reasons The number of people with diabetes is growing, partly because of an increase in levels of obesity. The number of overweight children has increased dramatically in recent years, largely as a result of changes in diet and lifestyle. The increase in childhood obesity is largely due to/the result of changes in lifestyle and diet over the last twenty years. Many obese children are bullied at school on account of their weight. Part of the problem with treating childhood obesity stems from the fact that parents do not always recognize that their children are obese. Childhood obesity may be caused by genetic factors as well as environmental ones. Some people think that it is more correct to use owing to to mean “because of” after a verb or at the beginning of a clause, as due is an adjective.
  2. expected
  3. 2[not before noun] arranged or expected When's the baby due? The next train is due in five minutes. My essay's due next Friday (= it has to be given to the teacher by then). due to do something Rose is due to start school in January. due for something The band's first album is due for release later this month.
  4. owed
  5. 3[not usually before noun] when a sum of money is due, it must be paid immediately Payment is due on October 2.
  6. 4[not before noun] due (to somebody) owed to someone as a debt, because it is their right or because they have done something to deserve it Have they been paid the money that is due to them? Our thanks are due to the whole team.
  7. 5[not before noun] owed something; deserving something due something I'm still due 15 days' vacation. due for something She's due for promotion soon.
  8. suitable/right
  9. 6[only before noun] (formal) that is suitable or right in the circumstances After due consideration, we have decided to appoint Mr. Davis to the job. to make due allowance for something compare undue
  10. Idioms
    in due course
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    at the right time and not before Your request will be dealt with in due course.
    with respect, with all due respect
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    used when you are going to disagree, usually quite strongly, with someone With all due respect, the figures simply do not support you on this.
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