Definition of ease noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



[uncountable]1 lack of difficultyHe passed the exam with ease.The ease with which she learns languages is astonishing.This computer is popular for its good design and ease of use.All important points are numbered for ease of reference (= so that you can find them easily).2 the state of feeling relaxed or comfortable without worries, problems, or painIn his retirement, he lived a life of ease.IDIOMS

(stand) at ease

used as a command to soldiers to tell them to stand with their feet apart and their hands behind their backs
compare attentionat easestand at ease

at (your) ease

relaxed and confident and not nervous or embarrassed
I never feel completely at ease with him.She was at her ease right away in the new easeat your ease

ill at ease

feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed
I felt ill at ease in such formal clothes.ill at ease

put someone at (their) ease

to make someone feel relaxed and confident, not nervous or embarrassed
Try to put the candidate at ease by being friendly and informal.put at easeput at their ease

put/set someone's mind at ease/rest

to do or say something to make someone stop worrying about something
synonym reassureput mind at ease/restset mind at ease/rest