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[intransitive, transitive]Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they end
he / she / it ends
past simple ended
-ing form ending
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  •  to finish; to make something finish The road ends here. How does the story end? The speaker ended by suggesting some topics for discussion. end with something Her note ended with the words: “See you soon.” end something They decided to end their relationship. end something with something They ended the play with a song. + speech “And that was that,” she ended.
  • Idioms
    end your days/life (in something)
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    to spend the last part of your life in a particular state or place He ended his days in poverty.
    end it all, end your life
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    to kill yourself
    a/the something to end all sths
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    used to emphasize how large, important, exciting, etc. you think something is The movie has a car chase to end all car chases.
    Phrasal Verbsend in somethingend up
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