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Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they envision
he / she / it envisions
past simple envisioned
-ing form envisioning
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to imagine what will happen or what a situation will be like in the future envision something They envision an equal society, free of poverty and disease. They didn't envision any problems with the new building. envision (somebody) doing something I can't envision her coping with this job. I don't envision working with him again. envision that… I envision that the work will be completed next year. envision how, where, etc. It is difficult to envision how people will react. Thesaurusimaginethink see envisionThese words all mean to form an idea in your mind of what someone or something might be like.imagine to form an idea in your mind of what someone or something might be like:The house was just as she had imagined it.think to imagine something that might happen:I can't think of a better place for a wedding. Just think —this time tomorrow we'll be lying on a beach.see to consider something as a future possibility; to imagine someone as something:I can't see her changing her mind. His colleagues see him as a future director.envision to imagine what a situation will be like in the future, especially a situation that you intend to work toward:They envision an equal society, free from poverty and disease. In ten years, I envision myself running my own business. Envision is used especially in business and political contexts.Patterns to imagine/see/envision somebody/something as something to imagine/see/envision (somebody) doing something to be able to imagine/think/see/envision who/what/how… to imagine/think/envision that…
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