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[countable, uncountable]
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  •  a mistake, especially one that causes problems or affects the result of something No payments were made last week because of a computer error. error in something There are too many errors in your work. error in doing something I think you have made an error in calculating the total. A simple error of judgment meant that there was not enough food to go around. a grave error (= a very serious mistake) a glaring error (= a mistake that is very obvious) The delay was due to human error (= a mistake made by a person rather than by a machine). The computer system was turned off in error (= by mistake). There is no room for error in this job. Almost all accidents start with a simple error by the pilot. see also margin of error Thesaurusmistakeerror inaccuracy slip misprintThese are all words for a word, figure, or fact that is not said, written down, or typed correctly.mistake a word or figure that is not said or written down correctly:It's a common mistake among learners of English. spelling mistakeserror (somewhat formal) a word, figure, etc. that is not said or written down correctly:There are too many errors in your work. Error is a more formal way of saying mistake.inaccuracy (somewhat formal) a piece of information that is not exactly correct:The article is full of inaccuracies.slip a small mistake, usually made by being careless or not paying attentionmisprint a small mistake in a printed textPatterns a(n) mistake/error/inaccuracy/slip/misprint in something to make a(n) mistake/error/slip to contain/be full of/include mistakes/errors/inaccuracies/misprints
  • Idioms
    see, realize, etc. the error of your ways (formal or humorous)
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    to realize or admit that you have done something wrong and decide to change your behavior
    trial and error
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    the process of solving a problem by trying various methods until you find a method that is successful Children learn to use computer programs by trial and error.
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