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1 establish something to start or create an organization, a system, a place, etc. that is meant to last for a long time synonym set upThe committee was established in 1912.The new treaty establishes a free trade establish a park/forest/nature preserveLet's establish some ground rules.2 establish something to start having a relationship, especially a formal one, with another person, group, or countryThe school has established a successful relationship with the local community.3 establish someone/something/yourself (in something) (as something) to hold a position for long enough or succeed in something well enough to make people accept and respect youBy then she was established as a star.He has just set up his own business but it will take him a while to get established.4 establish something to make people accept a belief, claim, custom, etc.It was this campaign that established the paper's reputation.Traditions get established over time.5 to discover or prove the facts of a situation synonym ascertain establish somethingPolice are still trying to establish the cause of the accident. establish that…They have established that his injuries were caused by a fall. establish where, what, etc.…We need to establish where she was at the time of the shooting. it is established that…It has since been established that the horse was drugged.
Usage noteUsage note: buildconstruct assemble put something together erect put something up establishThese words all mean to make or create something, especially by putting different parts to make something, especially a building, by putting parts together: a house built of stone They're going to build a museum on the site of the old power plant.construct [often passive] (somewhat formal) to build something such as a road, building, or machineassemble (somewhat formal) to fit together all the separate parts of something, such as a piece of furniture or a machine: The cupboard is easy to assemble.put something together to make or prepare something by fitting or collecting parts together: to put together a model planeerect (formal) to build something; to put something in position and make it stand upright: Police had to erect barriers to keep crowds back.put something up to build something or place something somewhere: I put up a fence so that my dog would have somewhere to exercise.establish to create an organization or place that is meant to last for a long time: President Roosevelt established the first national park at Yellowstone.patternsto build/construct/erect/put up a house/wallto build/construct/erect/put up some shelvesto build/construct/erect/put up a barrier/fence/shelterto build/assemble a(n) engine/machineto build/construct a road/railway/railroad/tunnelto erect/put up a tent/statue/monument/memorial