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[often passive] to form an idea of the cost, size, value, etc. of something, but without calculating it exactly estimate something (at something)Police estimate the crowd at 30,000. estimate something to do somethingThe deal is estimated to be worth around $1.5 million. estimate (that)…We estimated (that) it would cost about $5,000. it is estimated (that)…It is estimated (that) the project will last four years. estimate how many, large, etc.…It is hard to estimate how many children have dyslexia. estimated
adjectiveThe satellite will cost an estimated $400 million.
Usage noteUsage note: estimateestimate verbaccurately, correctly, reliably|conservatively|roughly|empirically, quantitatively|separatelyThese models were estimated separately for the 2000, 2004, and 2007 data sets.difficult to|possible to|impossible toPopulation figures are difficult to estimate, with figures ranging from 10 to 16 million.distance, size|frequency, rate|likelihood, probability|abundance, prevalence|varianceMeasuring risk means estimating the probability of an occurrence as a result of a specific event.overestimate verbgreatly, grossly|consistently|systematicallyForecasters tended to systematically overestimate inflation.tend toPeople tend to overestimate their activity levels, so Wyatt asked participants in the study to wear pedometers.underestimate verbgrossly|systematically|likelyThese statistics grossly underestimate the number of unemployed.estimated adjectiveprobability|percent|prevalence|variance|costTable 2 reports the estimated prevalence of work-related asthma.estimate nounaccurate, precise, reliable|reasonable|unbiased|biased|conservative|roughSufficient information exists to support reasonable estimates of life expectancy.calculate, compute|derive|obtain|reviseEstimates are calculated using the method of maximum based onMost available demographic estimates are based on one or two years of data.differ, range, vary|indicate, suggestEstimates of the number of species range between 3.6 million and 100 million.according toBangladesh is approximately the size of Wisconsin, yet it has a population of more than 130 million, according to a 1996 estimate.