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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they excite
    he / she / it excites
    past simple excited
    -ing form exciting
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  1. 1excite somebody to make someone feel very pleased, interested, or enthusiastic, especially about something that is going to happen The prospect of a year in India really excited her.
  2. 2to make someone nervous or upset and unable to relax excite somebody Try not to excite your baby too much before bedtime. excite yourself Don't excite yourself (= keep calm).
  3. 3to make someone feel a particular emotion or react in a particular way synonym arouse excite something to excite attention/criticism/curiosity The news has certainly excited comment (= made people talk about it). excite something in somebody Economic issues generally excite great interest in voters.
  4. 4excite somebody to make someone feel sexual desire synonym arouse
  5. 5excite something (formal) to make a part of the body or part of a physical system more active synonym stimulate
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